RC Section - Rect

Provides the analysis of RC members with rectangular cross-section, including:

  • Moment - Curvature
  • Force - Displacement
  • Shear strength
  • Bar buckling displacement

Completely standalone

You don’t need any other software to run it

Type and Check Environment

Every time you input a parameter, a plot updates allowing for cross checks

Quick-define member

You can define standard cross-section and/or member properties with a couple of clicks

Quick-define materials

You can quickly select to use materials compliant with international codes. Support is given for the Italian NTC2018, EuroCode, and the New Zealand NZSEE2017

Determination of the failure mode

One of the results of the analysis is the expected failure mode: flexure, bar buckling, shear

Powered by Cumbia

This app is a modification of the set of codes Cumbia by prof. Luis Montejo, who is gratefully acknowledged


Creative commons “Attribution-No Derivatives 4.0 International” license

In action

Watch this simple video tutorial

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